Sundance Day 6

Fortuitously was texting with Brenda from B Good Productions last night. She needed some help this morning filming an interview with Treat Williams (see day 5). The folks from Emerging Artist Productions and I were happy to help out.

What a great morning. Treat rocks (literally). After the interview we hung out for a few minutes singing with him while he played guitar. Good times. He’s not big into self promotion, and be doesn’t need to be. He’s the kind of guy you just want to work with. I hope I get the chance.

Marshall from the Utah film commission was there, also a real nice guy. Lily, if you’re reading this, Marshall says hi!

Waiting for Gun Hill Road to start, whooohoo, my first official Sundance film.

The restraint displayed by the filmmakers and cast in making a film that explosive and powerful must have been exhausting.


Lucky lucky me. My TBA ticket turned out to be for My Idiot Brother. Totally looking forward to this one.

20 min to showtime!


Ok that was super funny. If you like Paul Rudd you’ll love this one.


Just had dinner at the table next to Jeremy Piven. Pretty much the only time I won’t bother someone. Mealtimes are private and precious but damn I wanted to talk to him.

Ok off to go see Septien.


Septien. Very strange. Very good.

Home for the night

Oh guess not. Got an invite to the kodak party.

Oof it’s 2am again. Sleeeeeeeeeep.


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