Sundance Day 9

I am slowly starting to devolve. My voice is hoarse, I’m staggering slightly and I have dark circles under my eyes. Next up a tail.

Totally worth it though. Met a great many people and will hopefully work with them all.

Cool bronze work of some kids on stilts.

Met a few more NorCal folks at the sundance filmmakers lounge this afternoon. Must get us all together and see what kind of damage we can do.
@ discussion panel right now about the power if story with:
Jill Billcock
Thomas Newman
Kimberly Pierce
Jason Reitman


After the discussion panel on story went with Sinohui and Karen for dinner and to get tix for the premiere of Patrick Dempsey’s new movie Fly Paper. Had some funny moments in it. I’m wondering if we saw the final edit or if it will be tweeked over the coming weeks.

Well, day 10 is almost upon me, taking most of the day tomorrow to finally get a little mountain time and rip it up a bit. Awards night party starts at 9:30 conveniently about 3 minutes from my condo (which rocks btw, hot tub on the balcony, fireplace, etc.

See y’all tomorow.

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