DC/Tanzania 2011/12 Day 2


After some much needed sleep, we managed to lumber out of the hotel around 12.  First stop the white house, a short two block walk from the hotel.  I think I’ve heard enough people over the years say how much smaller it looked in person that when I finally saw it, well, it looked about the size I was expecting.  Nice digs.


As we strolled passed the treasury I overheard a little kid say “mommy, is that a jail for money?”  After hearing about the trillions of dollars that were just given away to the banks the other day, I’m thinking no, definitely not a jail for money, apparently they don’t really care where it is, they just move it around until it disappears, then make some more…


I’m a big fan of the obelisk’s.  This one was no exception, although the evil red eyes at the top that you can see at night are a little disconcerting.  Right after we took this picture they started closing off all the streets around us.  So that was the presidential helicopter we saw flying by a few minutes ago.  The motorcade rolled on through while we were waiting and there was the man himself, heading back to the house.


There is no shortage of monuments, memorials, and other impressive stone and concrete artworks here, but this one stands out.  A 50′ statue of Martin Luther the King over looking the water.


Finally getting to see the statue from Planet of the Apes up close and personal was a treat.  Could have used a few more ape secret service guards around though.


Wandering for about 5 hours after we strolled passed it the first time, we got to see it from another vantage point in the dark.  You can’t see it very well from this shot, but the evil eyes glaring out from the top definitely give you the feeling you’re being watched.  That and all the cameras everywhere, the snipers, secret service and regular DC cops.  There’s a couple things I’ve noticed today.  DC is filled with the sound of sirens 24/7, and there are a lot of people walking around wearing sweaters and ties.  Nobody wears a tie in SF unless they work in a bank.  Glad I get to wear jeans and a t-shirt most days.


Full circle back to where we started.


Inside the Kennedy Center waiting for Handel’s Messiah to start.  Grabbed tix this morning after reading through the list of to do’s on http://washington.org/visiting/browse-dc/attractions/100-free-things-to-do, quite the useful list if you find yourself here.


Here’s the man himself, looking a little lumpy, but all things considered, not too bad.  This is a helluva building, so many different theaters, 100′ ceilings and artwork everywhere.  Totally diggable place to check out.



Ok, so it’s December 16th, quite cold and dark and we stumble across one tree in full bloom.  I’m looking forward to coming back in the spring sometime to see all the blossoms on all the trees but this was a nice way to end the day.

Tomorrow, off to the Smithsonians.

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