DC/Tanzania 2011/12 Day 3

Starting the day with some carolers outside the White House.

Getting to play president for a minute. Looks like everything is going to be A-OK, poor Stephanie, she got stuck with the Nixon pose, hehe.

Today’s awesome little kid quote “daddy, I wish they still had mines today”. Overheard in the gem and mineral exhibit at the Smithsonian. There are some fairly impressive rocks here. The hope diamond was ok, but next to some of the other stones it seemed somewhat tiny. This insane emerald was one such example.

Another example of how impressive the city is by day and by night.

Got to hit two of the Smithsonian museum’s today. Natural History and Air & Space. Dinosaur bones are cool and all but c’mon, spaceships, rockets, and all sorts of classic planes from the Wright brothers on.

More than one recommendation to go to the Capitol Grille, awesome. Dinner was a feast of one of the most perfectly cooked tenderloins I’ve ever had and butter poached lobster tails, that’s right tail-S-. So yummy.

Now dinner was awesome, but desert was ridiculous. Coconut cream pie with a giant coconut butter cookie wedged into it. If there is any consistency to these restaurants (and there’s a few scattered around the country) don’t walk, run and go get yourself some of this madness.

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