DC/Tanzania 2011/12 Day 4

Took the time to take the train out to Arlington today. The size of this place is unbelievable, impressive and incredibly sad at the same time. The first section of the cemetery that we came across, almost every headstone had a wreath next to it. Just a few more shots from my phone here but have some amazing sunset ones from my other camera that will hopefully make it up here.20111218-192013.jpg




On a slightly lighter note Dung Beetles! National Geographic had their headquarters 2 blocks from our hotel. What exhibit could be complete without a 13′ dung ball with video screens. I want one for my tv at home but I don’t think Stephanie will go for it. 20111218-192413.jpg

The Foggy Bottom metro station. The name alone warranted a photo but it’s also one of the coolest stations I’ve seen. Reminds me of that opening scene from the original Battlestar Galactica I think it was.


Don’t go into the light!20111218-192439.jpg

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